Locks – replaced or re-keyed

When you move into a new house, it just makes sense to change your locks. There could be dozens of keys out there that you don't know about, leaving your house vulnerable to break-in and theft.

Bensons Locksmiths can change the combination on your existing locks so the old keys won’t work and at a fraction of the cost of lock replacement. In most cases we can reduce your house keys down to just one key, and you can sleep well at night with the knowledge that your home is secure and only you have the access.

If you wish to have the locks themselves changed, you should consider a master key system which can be used to create multi-level access to your premises. These next generation keys enable you to have total control over keyed access to your home. For example, if you want your key to be able to access all rooms, and everyone else’s key to access all rooms except your office, you can do it.

An alternative option to changing all your locks could be upgrading to an access control system which gives the additional security that only electronic and mechanical locks can provide, which are a more secure form of generic key system.

Deadlocks and window locks

Bensons Locksmiths can supply and fit insurance-approved deadlocks, window locks and mortice locks to all external points of entry.  Deadlocks and window locks can be keyed alike so you will only have to carry one or two keys for your entire house.

General locks

Bensons Locksmiths carry a large range of general locks for the domestic market. The range includes padlocks and mortice locks, as well as locks for your letter box and garage, and sliding and screen door.

We can also supply and install locks to steel and wood gates and can perform upgrades on older locks to be in line with newer technology.