Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Whether it is your home, office, or warehouse, it is critical that you control access to your property so that would-be thieves or intruders are deterred. A quality lock is an excellent start, but sometimes you need stronger security, and that is where access control systems come into play.

What is an access control system you might ask? Chances are you have already seen many in action, and might have even used a few yourself. They act as a “gatekeeper” of sorts, allowing authorised individuals in and keeping unwanted individuals out. Access control systems can be linked with a number of other monitoring systems such as alarms and CCTV to protect your employees and assets.

At Bensons Locksmiths we can help you with access control systems and other locksmith services.

Our specialists will help you choose from a selection of electronic and mechanical locks for Sydney homes and offices, which are an alternative to the more generic key systems. For more details about hiring a locksmith in Sydney or any of our other systems, call us on 1300 851 951.

The two kinds of access control systems that we offer are electronic and mechanical:


access control systems, mechanical and electronic options, magnetic swipe cards, electric locks, code lock

  • Proximity readers – cards/fobs
  • Magnetic swipe cards
  • Keypad
  • Electric strikes
  • Magnetic lock systems
  • Key switches
  • Stand alone electronic locks
  • Electric locks
  • Mechanical / Battery powered electronic


Mechanical / Battery powered electronic

  • Lockwood digital access locks
  • Ilco digital access locks
  • Carbine digital
  • Code Lock (battery powered electronic)