4 Most Important Items To Keep In Your Safe

There is nothing more annoying than misplacing important documents, nothing more stressful than losing your money and nothing more heartbreaking than losing cherished memories. Many people do not truly understand the value of their belongings until they are taken away from them, at which point it is too late. To avoid this devastation it is…
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Benefits of Transponder Keys

Welcome to the 21st Technicentury! Before the creation of transponder keys and car remotes we would typically be looking at a small little piece of metal that was able to lock and unlock our car door. It served its purpose. But then we saw the introduction of new technology. We saw our vehicles starting up…
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Should I Have a Safe in My House?

 “Household burglary is one of the most widespread crimes in Australia – with around 335,700 break-ins recorded in 2009-10.” (AIC)  More and more people are looking for safes in Sydney and there’s good reason for that. We live in an unpredictable world full of crime and natural disasters. Queensland alone suffers from approximately 450 burglaries…
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